Multi-functional Ice Cream Paper Cup Packaging


Jiunyo is proud to introduce cutting-edge, multi-functional ice cream paper cup packaging that sets a new standard for sustainability and convenience. This innovative packaging features a paper lid that can be paired with a wooden ice cream stick, providing a seamless and eco-friendly experience.

The package comes in a wide range of specifications and offers a variety of cup shapes and lids to meet the needs of different customers and products. With excellent sealing, it can also hold various kinds of ice cream and desserts, from Italian ice cream to sorbet and yogurt, etc., providing multiple packaging options and boosting market competitiveness.

Water-based, UV, and other printing methods can be selected to ensure that the packaging is aesthetically pleasing, durable, and environmentally friendly to fulfill various market needs. We also offer customized services, including printing various brand logos, patterns, and promotional information that maximize your brand recognition.

Notably, the packaging material is certified with a series of green certifications, such as FSC paper with Forest Stewardship Chain of Custody (FSC) certification or Din Certco compostable ice cream cups, demonstrating our commitment to environmental protection.

With nearly 30 years of experience in packaging production, Jiunyo is dedicated to continuous innovation and producing premium packaging solutions to satisfy the numerous needs of the market. We invite you  being our partner and create a new summer market that sets you apart from the competition.