Silver Award at Canada’s 4 Future Design Awards


Jiunyo won the Silver Award at Canada’s 4 Future Design Awards this year.

As a manufacturer of eco-friendly paper packaging containers, Jiunyo has integrated the values of “environmental sustainability, innovation, and friendliness” into a new construction project. 

By repurposing an old and conventional flat factory into a vertical structure and implementing smart manufacturing and automated processing systems, Jiunyo has achieved efficient production and waste management. Inspired by paper cups, the building's design incorporates colors from rolled paper and seamless patterns resembling paper rolls, resulting in a visually captivating appearance. 

Moreover, the project emphasizes green building principles through the use of eco-friendly materials and technologies to reduce energy consumption, optimize water resource utilization, and enhance indoor air quality, further reinforcing its environmental impact.

We sincerely thank all our customers and partners for their unwavering support of Jiunyo. Our dedication lies in upholding professionalism, driving forward the research and development of eco-friendly products, and actively contributing to environmental conservation as a way of reciprocating to society.