Quality Control

Quality Control

Our factory has passed FSSC 22000 & ISO 9001 and we strictly follow FSSC 22000 requirements to ensure our product safety. Meanwhile, we also have a HACCP program and a specific team to manage HACCP plans and training. Below is our quality control process at our manufacturing side:

Quality Control Process

*Check Adhesion

Prior to mass production, we run the forming machine for testing and tear apart cups to check cup

*Check Leakage

We take cups randomly from production line and pour hot coffee to test if there is any leakage issue.

*Check Fit of Cups to Lids

We put on the matching lid (can be offered by us or by customers) and then tilt the cup at 45 degree angle to see if coffee is leaking.

*Check the Quality of the Top Rim

Before packing cups into sleeves, operators examine the appearance of every cup and check the quality of the top rim.

Inspection Machine

Our inspection machine is able to detect defected cups with stain or improper seam or out-of-shape cups. Defected cups will be eliminated from production line.

Non-dust workshop for the production lines

Before entering the production line, operators are obligated to sanitize their hands, change uniforms, wear mask, hat and foot protection cover. They have to enter air shower room to remove all possible contamination.

QC Laboratory

We have a small laboratory in our QC office and carries out physical tests such as base paper stiffness & thickness test. The laboratory can help us to do raw material QC test and ensure our materials all meet our requirements.