Printing Info


Artwork Information

  • 1. Feel free to ask us for our cup templates.
  • 2. The design must be provided in an Adobe Illustrator (.AI) or high resolution PDF file.
  • 3. All text in the design is outlined.
  • 4. Define colors with CMYK or Pantone colors.
  • 5. Leave 3mm white strip on the bottom of the design to avoid ink smears while stacking cups.
  • 6. Include any special instructions with your order.

Printing Information

Offset Printing (for paper products): MOQ 50,000pcs

  • • Oil based ink.
  • • Preferred method of printing for all paper cups.
  • • Pros: lower MOQ requirement, lower production cost.
  • • Cons: ink odor may be present with full coverage printing.
  • • Available with all cup sizes.

Flexo Printing (for paper products): MOQ 200,000pcs

  • • Water based ink.
  • • Suggested for larger volume order (above 200,000pcs).
  • • Limited sizes available.
  • • Pros: no ink odor issue.
  • • Cons: higher MOQ requirement.

UV Offset Printing (for paper products): MOQ 50,000pcs

  • • UV ink (Volatile Organic Compounds Free)
  • • UV ink cures instantly when exposed to ultra violet light and results in a durable & odor-free image.
  • • Suggested for small volume order with full coverage design
  • • Pros: no ink odor issue, superior finishes than conventional inks.
  • • Cons: higher cost
  • • Limited sizes available