Jiun Yo produces all kinds of paper cups and food containers. We currently have 3 plants located in Nantou County. Our paper coating lamination line is installed in the first plant with an area of 5620 sq. meter.

The second plant spreads over 12890 sq. meter. Our head office, production line and warehouses are located in the second plant. There are more than 250 people working at the second plant. The production line is including 2 sets of flexographic printing facilities, 6 sets of automatic punching machines and more than 100 sets of paper cup & food container forming machines. Currently we have more than 25 sets of high speedy forming machines and we plan to install more high speedy forming machines to replace the slow to middle speed machines in the next 5 years. Total capacity is up to 140 million pcs per month and will increase to 210 million pcs per month in 2020. High speedy forming machines are equipped with inspectors. The CCD inspectors are able to detect paper cup mouth and bottom. Paper cups with stains, unqualified shape, bad curling or damaged bottom can be detected and rejected from the production line.



Paper Cup Forming

Paper Cup Inspector

Inspector System Interface

In 2014, automatic cup counting and packing machines were installed with high speedy machines. The finished cups are precisely counted and directly packed into sleeves without human contact. The auto packing line saves our operation time and our operators have more time to manage quality control.

Automatic cup counting and packing machines